Botsch & Associates, CPA'S, LLC


Small business is the backbone of the U.S. economy. So, congratulations, if you are a small business owner! At Botsch and Associates, CPAs, LLC,  we know that many small business owners started businesses based on a very specific area of expertise, service, or product knowledge. The “business end” of the business can be something else, though. Trying to juggle the skills, tools, and time that it takes to handle the business’s finances, record-keeping, tax filing, and more, can be a leading source of stress, and even (worst case scenario) lead to mismanagement and trouble with the IRS. Not what any small business owner ever had in mind. 

This is where Botsch and Associates, CPAs LLC small business services come in. We work with you, or your designated team member, to set up and manage everything your business needs to run smoothly, efficiently, and productively on the financial side. Month in and month out, we are there and doing it so you can focus on what you love: your customers, your business, and its growth.