Botsch & Associates, CPA'S, LLC

Government & Not for Profit Organizations

Our Firm is recognized for our extensive experience in audit, tax and consulting services to governmental and not for profit organizations. Our portfolio includes some of the most prominent organizations in our region. Also, this portfolio is regarded as an "industry concentration" by outside reviewers who perform the independent Peer Review of our Accounting and Auditing practice.

Several of our not-for-profit and governmental clients are recipients of Federal Awards, either directly or as subrecipients.  Our staff personnel have been involved in the compliance audits and regulatory reporting of not-for-profit and governmental organizations for numerous years and are well-trained in the requirements that are part of auditing within the industry. We take great care to assure proper reporting in this very sensitive audit area.

We have provided management services to our clients, such as internal control reviews and assistance with budgeting, compliance reporting requirements and other reporting areas.